It’s all busy here at Back to Ours with our May half-term festival starting on Tuesday – have you got your tickets yet? – an impending office move into the Goodwin Development Trust’s new Village Hall, and looking through the amazing commissions for Pride in Hull.

Three of the team are hot-footing it over to Oslo today for Nuart’s two-day international street art conference, bringing together leading practitioners to discuss the power of street art.

We’ve seen a surge in amazing street art across Hull recently, with Bankside Gallery established earlier this year in response to Banksy creating artwork on Scott Street Bridge, as well as several other currently unattributed paintings.

Kane and Ollie Marshall from Spray Creative, alongside BBC Radio Humberside reporter David Harrison, co-founded the project as part of a plan to transform the industrial area around Wincolmlee into an urban gallery and tourism hotspot. 

We’re really excited to be heading over to Norway alongside Kane, Ollie, and Liz Dees of Apus Productions, learning what people from all over the world think about graffiti and street art as part of contemporary art in public spaces.

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