If you came to any of our half-term festival events, chances are you *might* have seen a very dapper couple manning Snack to Ours; but what is it? And who are they?

Continuing the Back to Ours mission of affordable fun for families, Snack to Ours offers a wide range of goodies for you to enjoy during our performances. Manned by husband and wife duo, Rita and Roger Alton*, they’ve joined the Back to Ours team to provide customer service with time-served jazz hands after meeting at a morris dancing class unknown years ago.

*Otherwise known as our fabulous volunteers, Debbie Mowforth and Sean Alton; you might well recognise them from February’s Hotel Paradiso by Lost in Translation.

Debbie participated in Southpaw’s RUSH for Freedom Festival, a flash mob for Assemble Fest, Slung Low’s Flood and Macnas’ Act VI: Land of Green Ginger Unleashed.

Sean’s been behind – and in front of – the scenes in various events across Hull, including Act V: Micropolis by The McGuires, One Day, Maybe by Dream Think Speak, Duckie’s Tea Party for LGBT50 and, of course, as a frisky hare in Act VI: Land of Green Ginger Unleashed.

Snack to Ours is a first for Back to Ours, and hopes to organically grow with Rita and Roger at the helm to make your festival experience even more special. No doubt you’ll lock eyes with them both over the popcorn before too long – go and say hello! 

Photo courtesy of Jerome @Photomoments.

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