You’ve all seen our new image, and if you happen to be walking down Newland Ave over the next fortnight, you’ll see it in VERY big, glorious detail – but how did it all happen?

Well as you know, we love a great photograph, and we especially love one that tells a story. Our previous image shows Nanci and Nanna waiting for the bus to take them to Back to Ours and being entertained by all manner of colourful characters at the bus stop.

This time, we wanted to show the progression of the journey – and what better way to do that by getting them on the bus and introducing a few new characters for the ride?

The photoshoot for the image – led by Sodium – took place at the EYMS depot on Anlaby Road on a rainy April morning straight after our launch day, with a cast of locals including Andy Train, Bailey La Creame, Bud Sugar, Chris Pearson, Davy, Kristin and Cat McGuire, Frank and Anne Eardley, Meg and Graham Reedier, Nanci Yates, Jaxon, Nanna Jean, Gracie, Pete the Parrot, Ruth Bean, and Tare Kagbala, Ruby and Charlie. The brief? Barely-contained chaos as the Back to Ours bus hurtles along, bursting at the seams with mayhem, colour, fun and mischief.

The rain was relentless and puddles were forming on the ground, but EYMS came to the rescue again (they’d already averted a broken bus disaster the day before the launch by bringing a replacement bus from Scarborough) by providing an alternative to the open-topper which wasn’t proving very weather-resistant – and Bailey’s hair managed to remain miraculously perfect despite the onslaught.

So what were our favourite moments of the morning? Hard to choose, but here’s a few:

Louise YatesThey say never work with animals and kids – well we do both and love it! Cat the dog was sitting there like the elegant pooch, Jax – running away at the front – came on set, nailed his picture in one take, but then caught the smell of Cat on his second take and spent the rest of the shoot sniffing the seat, the little tinker.

Claire DruryI won’t mention ordering a gazebo five minutes before the shoot because it was chucking it down(!), but I just love all the familiar faces popping up again from the bus stop image. There’s so many new ones as well, we want people to have a look and see who they recognise, as there’s some very familiar faces tucked away in there!

Almost every single person in the photo was photographed individually so there was a lot of patient waiting around having tea and biscuits to keep warm and dry. Poor Andy came in his best suit and was then asked to lie on the ground; he was offered numerous coats and jackets on the floor to keep him clean, but he refused and launched into the role with complete enthusiasm.

Carys TavenerDefinitely me, Thom and Lou dancing about and pulling stupid faces to get Gracie (in the window) to smile and tap on it!

We hope you love our gorgeous new image as much as we do, and save the dates for our October half-term festival – Thursday 25 October to Sunday 4 November.

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