We're off larking down the alleys.

Dare you to come too...


The 7 Alleys soundtrack captures the dreams, dares and adventures of generations of East Hull youth, created by Periplum and co-presented with Back to Ours. 

 7 Alleys was originally created by Periplum as a show presented in East Park, commissioned by Hull 2017 UK City of Culture as the inaugural Act of Wonder for the Land of Green Ginger project. Both the show and the soundtrack were built on the memories of East Hull residents, remembering their childhood memories and stories of the Alleys. 

So; dim the lights, put your feet up, and go on a journey through the 7 Alleys – a place in East Hull running from the Iron Bridge, past the ghost train track, Hedon Road cemetery and the prison to the maternity hospital, where legends were born from the imaginations of children…

Listen HERE