October Half Term Shows!

It’s that time of year again…there’s an autumn nip in the air, we’re eyeing up the thermal vests, and you’re ready to have your socks knocked off by two amazing half-term shows for all the family. 

Fancy that? ‘Course you do. Let’s have a look what we’ve got up our sleeves then…

Back to Ours present

Back to Bransholme

A 1940's punk-pop circus opera


Sat 26 – Tues 29 October 

North Point Shopping Centre




Have you seen the ghost? The ghost of the airman? Plenty have. I wonder why he’s here, what he wants…


It’s 1942 and where North Point Shopping Centre now stands is RAF Sutton on Hull, home to the Fabric Bashers – hundreds of women making the fabric for the barrage balloons floating over the Humber. 


One still, starlit evening, Flight Lieutenant Frank Dobbs and Basher Edie Wilson lindyhop their way to love at the RAF dance. But wartime’s uncertain, and Frank’s about to begin a journey that’ll change their lives forever…


Forty years later, punk pop bangs through the estate and young punks Jimmy and Karen fight to stay together against all the odds. It ‘ant always been easy, but they’re meant for each other…aren’t they?


Circus, opera, dance and seven decades of music collide in this epic journey through the heart and history of Bransholme, the triumphs, loves, losses and laughs of the 1940’s to now –  

grab your big coats, winter woolies and the people you love, and join us for sing-along anthems, soaring spectacle, and a hell of a lot of heart. 


Karen loves Jimmy, 4 eva and eva.


Frank Dobbs loves Edie Wilson, 



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Casus Circus present



Sirius Academy West


Thursday 31 Oct – 7.30pm

Friday 1 Nov – 2pm, 7.30pm

Saturday 2 Nov – 2pm, 7.30pm

Sunday 3 Nov – 2pm


£3 – Tickets available from Friday 27 September or in person with cash from Sirius Academy West main school office. Buy them here. 


Exciting acrobatics from the team that brought the sell-out Driftwood to Back to Ours last year – Casus Circus are back with their biggest show yet.


Seven amazing acrobats tell us their stories, looking at the very thing we’re all made of – our DNA. What does being human mean? How does our DNA make us the same as each other, yet different? 


There’ll be tricks and tumbles in the air and on stage, with incredible skill and a lot of risk…just when you think one of the acrobats might fall, they amaze you with another heart-in-the-mouth move you didn’t think was possible. 


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cover your eyes and sit on the edge of your seat – be prepared for plenty of unforgettable moments in this circus show for all the family.