It’s that time when we get to share our second half-term festival of the year with you, and we’ve got another proper cracker this time. 

May is all about power. It’s about controversy and speaking up and out. It’s about the unsaid, unheard, and unlistened to. So blow your trumpets loud and clear, ‘cos we’re coming for you.

Tickets on sale from Tue 23 April, 9am herefrom Hull Theatre Box Office, and in person with cash from venues near you – click the links under the photo for all the details. 

Back to Ours and Under the Influence present


Ash exploded onto the indie rock scene in 1994 with a string of punk-pop sing-alongs catapulting them into stardom, but it was their UK Top 20 hit ‘Girl from Mars’ coupled with an energetic appearance on the BBC’s Top of the Pops that established them as a mainstream act.

 They’ve made history at Glastonbury – being the first band to headline twice after Steve Winwood pulled out at the last minute – headlined Reading festival in 2001, and racked up a second number one album (Free All Angels), a Top 10 album (Nu-Clear Sounds) and six more Top 30 singles in between.

 * You’re in for another BTO banger – tickets on sale from tomorrow here, or in person with cash from The Living Room, North Point Shopping Centre. 

£10 / Ages 14+ only


Conditions of Entry

  • All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult;

  • Entry is by pre-booked ticket only. Tickets will be scanned;

  • Anyone trying to enter on a duplicate ticket will be turned away;

  • Rights are reserved for management of the event to refuse entry, and will do so if you are under the  influence of alcohol or an illegal substance, or for any other reason at our discretion;

  • You are not permitted to bring professional audio/photographic recording equipment into the  venue without the express permission;

  • Food and beverage items (including alcohol) may not be brought into venue. Beverage will be available on sale at the event;

  • Fireworks, laser pens and other potentially dangerous objects at our discretion, are not permitted within the venue.

London Artists Projects present

Truth to Power Café

Hull Minster 
Sat 1 June, 9pm

Hull people of all beliefs and backgrounds have been invited to take part in Truth to Power Café and respond to the question ‘Who has power over you and what do you want to say to them?’ before a live audience.

Will they address their parents, a sibling, politician, lover, landlord, neighbour, colleague, boss, banker or their best friend?

Whoever it is, It’s time to tell them the truth before it’s too late. 

If you want to be part of the project and talk about something that has power over you, sign up here. 

Hoopla Clique and Cluster Arts present


Inspired by slapstick legends Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, the side-splitting Chores is heading to Back to Ours.

Two excitable brothers, are definitely, about to, almost, at some stage, MAYBE going to do the chores mum has asked them to get on with…

With skilled circus stunts, uproarious, interactive gags, and very little spoken dialogue, you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat and giggling until those chores finally get done…if they get done.

Mon 27 May, St. Michael’s Church Hall

Tue 28 May, Wilberforce Sixth Form College

Wed 29 May, North Bransholme Community Centre

Thur 30 May, Hymers College


Back to Ours present

High Horse

The Living Room, North Point Shopping Centre 

Sat 25 May – Sat 1 June

11am-1pm / 2-4pm.

A mysterious travelling fairground gallops into town with a sideshow hosted by The Great and Powerless Peter and his All-Powerful Troupe.

Ride their High Horse, take up the reins of power, and make your mark in the Scripture of Rules for Very Naughty Adults. 

Roll up, roll up! Your quill awaits…

Drop in event lasting 20-30 mins. No ticket required.  

This event is audio described.

British Sign Language interpreted – Tue 28 May (all day). 

Touch tour – Wed 29 May, 11am. 



Back to Ours present

Secret Gig(s)

You pays your money, you takes your chance – and what’s life without a little bit of risk, eh?

It could be music, comedy, acrobats, a hypnotist, a contortionist, fire breathers  or a little bit of everything to spice up your life; one thing’s for certain, our lips are sealed. Grab your tickets for another night of unpredictable Back to Ours madness and mayhem as the glittery curtain opens on two more Secret Gigs at the same time, on the same night. 

Which one will you choose? 

Fri 24 May, William Gemmell Club

Fri 24 May, Willows Social Club



Blow your trumpets, angels!

Image by Sarah Hickson