Did you get a knock on your door a few months ago? If you live on the Dukeries, it might well have been The Human Jukebox team – and now they’ve released music inspired by their summer-long project.

Earlier this year, members of the specially created acapella group visited residents in the Dukeries; funded by us, the project focused on the power of community music and singing to bring communities together. The group knocked on doors, sang a range of specially arranged pop songs on people’s doorsteps, and had conversations about musical likes and associations.

A main aim of the project was to create a bespoke piece of music for the area, reflecting the views of residents and the experience of singers as they walked up and down Welbeck, Thoresby, Clumber, Belvoir, Blenheim and Hardwick Streets.

The resulting piece of music, inspired by the comments of local residents about the sounds they associate with the area, has been created with the Human Jukebox group and local musician Ben Newton. Entitled ‘Take a Walk‘, the evocative piece can be heard here.

Lead artist on the Human Jukebox, Clare Drury, said:

“It’s been quite experimental to go around the streets knocking on people’s doors and inviting them to have a song, and to talk to us about music and the sounds of the street.

“Our performances were well received, and we’d like to thank everyone who opened their doors and spoke to us.

“A big inspiration were the sounds of the Thoresby School Bell, children’s laughter, footsteps and dogs barking – all of which have been incorporated into ‘Take a Walk’.”

Ben Newton, Musical Director and composer of the ‘Take a Walk’ piece said:

“The project has been a delightful exploration of the rich community in and around the Dukeries.

“While touring each street, singing to residents and forming an idea of its unique character, I realised that whatever music came out of the project, it had to communicate the vibrancy of the area and a strong sense of movement.

“The Jukebox singers have done a lot of travelling but, more importantly, the Dukeries are always full of life, with people constantly bustling about.”

There are no more impromptu doorstep performances planned for now, but the Human Jukebox artists would like to thank everyone who answered their doors and spoke with them.

The group hopes to be able to return in December with some seasonal material, so if you live in the Dukeries and hear a knock on your door, don’t be surprised if someone wants to sing you a song…