After a massively successful event in 2018, we teamed up again with Pride in Hull to deliver the Pride in Hull parade on Saturday 20 July. 

The 2019 parade marked 50 years since the Stonewall uprising – a week of riots in New York considered the birthplace of the modern Pride movement – giving Hull’s Pride-goers a perfect opportunity to look back at five decades of LGBT protest and progress.

Five special sections of the parade reflected each decade from the 70s to now, with costumes, music and specially-produced placards representing the style, sound and stories of the day.

From ABBA to Ariana, flares to skinny jeans, Stonewall to equal marriage and beyond, the Pride in Hull parade celebrated the massive milestones in a spectacular march towards LGBT+ equality.

Andy Train, Pride in Hull Parade Director, said:

“It’s great to mark this very special pride year in this way. While we’re reflecting and celebrating how far we’ve come as a society, we’ll highlight issues that people face today, too. People are still being bullied or persecuted for their sexuality or gender identity and it’s important that we keep challenging inequality.”

Matt Walton, Chair of Pride in Hull, continued:

“Back to Ours are a cultural institution and we’re made up to have their support again this year. They’ve really pushed us to make the parade into something as meaningful and creative as it is spectacular.”

Louise Yates, Back to Ours Director, said: 

‘We love working with our friends at Pride, spreading a bit of Back to Ours sparkle – not that Pride needs any more! – and celebrating what’s at the very heart of both of us; people, and having a great time.”

If you want to see more, have a look at our photo gallery of the day.