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Hub Members​

Hub Members


Hubs aren’t places, they’re people. Our Hub Members run through the very core of Back to Ours; after all, who knows more about how to engage Hull people in the Arts than the people living in the heart of Hull neighbourhoods?

Our work with the Hub members has been concentrated in four areas – Bransholme, Derringham, North Hull & Orchard Park and East Hull – focussing on engaging new audiences. Hub members live and work in these areas so they’re the best people to fully understand them, and as the project’s developed, Hub members have started to come together more and look at the city as a whole.

What will people see if they come to the show? How long will it last? Why’s the description of the show so hard to understand? Our Hub members make sure we’re clear and direct in the way we talk about art, and one way we do this is by going to see other shows and talking about them. So far we’ve been on Go-Sees together to Edinburgh Fringe, London, Sheffield, and even Adelaide Fringe.

We always need people who are passionate about talking to their friends and neighbours, interested in the arts, or like what we do and want to get involved.

Contact our Engagement Coordinator Laura on, or the general team on


What Hubs Do


You’ll play a key role in the development of the Back to Ours programme, meeting regularly to discuss what, when and how arts and culture is delivered in YOUR area;

You’ll get the inside scoop, finding out about events we’re thinking of producing and artists we’re working with before anyone else knows;

You’ll work together to steer the Back to Ours team to programme high-quality work tailored to different areas, helping spread the word about the amazing things happening;

You’ll have opportunities to go and see events as part of the Back to Ours programme.