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Our Mission

Our Mission

At the very core of Back to Ours is people and placemaking.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to take the lead in choosing, creating and participating in amazing art experiences, as participants, decision-makers, artists, volunteers and audiences.

We deliver outstanding arts and cultural experiences with and for the people of Hull, open and welcome to all – it’s an invitation like no other and one we’re very proud of, built on a brand that’s full of passion, hard work and honesty. There’s no invite quite like a Back to Ours invite!

We commission, produce, create and programme challenging and inspiring work – we take risks, we’re bold and we’re not afraid to challenge people’s views and opinions because that’s what makes the work interesting and resonate.

We introduce people to the arts for the first time and take them on an arts and culture journey. People are at our very core and they’re our driving force.

We bring the unfamiliar to life in familiar settings as well as the familiar to life in unfamiliar settings – we’re place makers.

We aim to give people and families of all ages a good time, knowing these experiences will make them want more of what arts and culture can offer. We know these relationships take time if we want to make the arts a way of life for more people – it’s not a ‘quick fix’, it’s a long journey.

Like we said, we’re all about people and the family keeps on growing and growing.