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Christmas Parade

Back to Bransholme


Created and Produced by Back to Ours

Back to Bransholme premiered in October 2019, written, produced and directed as an in-house Back to Ours production.

Over four nights, people came across to North Point Shopping Centre car park to experience our 1940s pop-punk circus opera, telling the story of two couples across 70 years with a mix of music, dance, opera, breath-taking circus skills and a whole lot of love.

We worked with Bransholme locals to listen to their stories of the estate and their experiences there, incorporating snippets, lines and words into the dialogue for the final show.

Frank and Edie. Jimmy and Karen. Back to Bransholme was a love letter to people and place, inspired by Bransholme, made in Bransholme and telling the stories of Bransholme with all our hearts.

There’s always love.