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Back to Bransholme

Back to Bransholme

Have you seen the ghost? The ghost of the airman? Plenty have. I wonder why he’s here, what he wants…

Created and Produced by Back to Ours

Back to Bransholme premiered in October 2019, written, produced and directed as an in-house site-specific Back to Ours production.

Over four nights, people came to North Point Shopping Centre car park to experience our 1940s pop-punk circus opera, telling the story of two couples across 70 years with a mix of dance, opera, breath-taking circus skills, a whole lot of love and seven decades of music collide in this epic journey through the heart and history of Bransholme.

Director Lou and Co-Director Em Whitfield-Brooks worked with Bransholme locals to listen to their stories of the estate and their experiences there, incorporating snippets, lines and words into the dialogue for the final show.

It’s 1942 and where North Point Shopping Centre now stands is RAF Sutton on Hull, home to the Fabric Bashers – hundreds of women making the fabric for the barrage balloons floating over the Humber.

One still, starlit evening, Flight Lieutenant Frank Dobbs and Basher Edie Wilson lindyhop their way to love at the RAF dance. But wartime’s uncertain, and Frank’s about to begin a journey that’ll change their lives forever…

Forty years later, punk pop bangs through the estate and young punks Jimmy and Karen fight to stay together against all the odds. It ‘ant always been easy, but they’re meant for each other…aren’t they?

“Performing in Back to Bransholme alongside all the professionals has been an experience I’ll never forget. It’s been amazing and I definitely want to keep performing, it brought me out of my shell and I’ve made some great new friends….loved every second.” Community Cast Participant


“We’re always up at Bransholme talking to people, and this story of the airman kept coming up. We knew straight away there was a story to be told. But, we’re Back to Ours aren’t we? So we’re mixing up the storytelling with a pinch of punk, a dose of opera, a load of circus, dance, live music and a huge cast. It’s something completely new and ambitious and we’re inviting the people of Bransholme to get their big coats on and huddle up for a love story through the decades.” Louise Yates – Director, Back to Ours

“I can’t believe what we’ve just seen. The music, lights, opera singers. It was beautiful and I can’t believe it was in our own backyard. We’ve never seen anything like it before, and it was so special that it was just for us. It makes you feel proud to be from Bransholme because now we know our history and the kids won’t stop talking about it. We’ve been every night and don’t want it to end…” Bransholme Resident 

Frank and Edie. Jimmy and Karen. Back to Bransholme was a love letter to people and place, inspired by Bransholme, made in Bransholme and telling the stories of Bransholme with all our hearts.

There’s always love.