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Secret Gig

Secret Gig


Created and Produced by Back to Ours

Our Secret Gigs are a Back to Ours favourite – pay a fiver with absolutely no idea who you’re coming to see, but take a chance on knowing it’s bound to be a brilliant cabaret evening packed with fun, laughs, drama and the unexpected.

Taking place in William Gemmell Club and Willows Social Club, you might see a retro comedian, singers, performers, Drag artists, sword swallowers, dancers, magicians and more, mixing our key ingredients of the familiar with the unfamiliar to bring people something they know alongside something they’ve never seen before.

And they’ve adapted; COVID-19 made us think again and devise Secret Gig on your Sofa, a fun and innovative way to get people as close as possible to the real thing.

Using innovative new technology by Digital Partners Davy & Kristin McGuire, a set of scannable postcards were delivered to neighbourhoods across Hull, bringing artists such as Dean Wilson, Memphis Pete, Bud Sugar and Chiedu Oraka to life in 3D miniature form to perform on table tops and sofa arms.