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[06 Jun 2022]

A massive Circus on your Doorstep thanks to…*drum roll*

One beautiful Big Top, six amazing days, 11 performances, four different shows, our biggest Shindig ever – now that’s what we call a cracker of a week!

The Marybelle Big Top’s getting ready to head off to the Isle of Wight as we speak, and we’ve absolutely loved having her in Bransholme. Big thanks to:

– Our incredible circus performers – that’s TaleGate Theatre, Chores Hoopla Clique and our UK circus partners The Lost In Translation Circus;

Cluster Arts;

– Our sparkling Shindig performers – Jean-Morag Tea-Ladies, Memphis PETE and Sheila Diamond;

– Shindig funding through Arts Council England‘s Lets Create Jubilee Fund, made possible thanks to National Lottery Good Causes and administered by UK Community FoundationsTwo Ridings Community Foundation;

– The brilliant Sophie, Sean, Debbie and Louise, who you’ll have met on your way in (and you’ll also have seen Sophie Makaton signing The Queen’s Knickers!);

– Our fab volunteers;

– The Act to Ours Back to Bransholme punks, who absolutely ROCKED their Hogwallops appearance;

– Josh and EPICompany Limited;

– Justine and the Prestige Security team;

– Louise and the team at North Point Shopping Centre;

– Hull City Council;

North East Medical Services;

– Our photographers! Jason O’Neill, Neil Holmes and Jason Shipley;

– Harriet and Simon at Pinzel Productions;

And our incredible audiences for coming across, laughing, cheering and leaving us so many lovely comments, messages and photos.

It’s great to be out doing what we love and meeting and chatting to so many local people and families.

Featured image: Neil Holmes

Big Top drone image: Jason Shipley