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Commissioned Projects

Commissioned Projects

At Back to Ours we co-produce and co-commission events and shows, but we also create and produce our own – every project needs its own bespoke approach.  

For us, there’s no such thing as a generic commissioning process – we commission in different ways and because our work is all with people, the process becomes important to get the best experience for everyone involved – artists, participants and audiences.

Sometimes we’ll put out a clear and directive brief. Sometimes the brief is really wide and open. But usually our brief is an invitation to come and meet us, Hub members, and local residents and see what happens from there.

In our first year, we commissioned 17 new projects with local artists, with a phased approach; Phase 1 allowed artists to get to know an area or group of people before going onto Phase 2 to deliver the actual project.

More recently we’ve worked closely with Bransholme residents on an artist’s open day before things were halted due to the pandemic, but we’re really keen to get back to this way of working in 2022.

We’re also happy to work with people to co-commission new work – for example, The Dean Wilson Cinema Shack and DeanWorld with Freedom Festival Arts Trust, and the three new Hull Composer-Curator commissions for Sound and Music.

If you want us to co-commission a project with us, or maybe you’ve got something fully-formed you’d like us to consider commissioning for our audiences, visit our Work With Us page and let’s chat.