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The Dean Wilson Film Club


Commissioned by Back to Ours

We first started working with Dean during the first 2020 lockdown, hosting the online premiere of Dave Lee’s first film about his life, East Coast Fever, on our Facebook page.

Since then, he’s performed in person at our Shindigs, been a mini pop-up postcard performer in our Shindig on your Sofa, been made into a Hologram for Studio McGuire’s Hologram Jukebox and performed monthly in our online Dean Wilson Film Club evenings.

The Dean Wilson Film Club 3 started in July, and runs through to December – catch him on our Facebook (7pm) and twitter (9pm) on the first of every month.


Across 2020/21 we commissioned six new films from Dean and Dave, and there’s six brand new belters coming online until April 2022. Watch all the films so far here.