If you’re a builder or a painter

Or a singer or a Queen, 

Play chess

Make a dress 

Or something inbetween…

Top Tips Tuesday’s all about experts in their field showing us how they do it their way, from cooking to window cleaning and making an Easter flower arrangement to creating the perfect compost. 

So tune in every Tuesday at 1pm – who knows what you’ll learn to do… 

Week 1 - Make an Easter centrepiece with Mizz Gavinia Edwards
Week 2 - Make a Bunny Mask with Bluebeany
You’ll need: 
• Scissors
• Thick card
• Coloured card
• A kebab skewer or wooden stick
• Bluetack
• Pencil
• Tape

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Week 3 - Create the perfect compost with Brenda from Rainbow Community Gardens

It’s just the time of year to start thinking about getting your outside space looking tip top – well you’re in luck, ‘cos here’s Brenda from Rainbow Gardens to show you how to make the perfect compost to get things growing beautifully…

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