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Back to Ours Produced

Back to Ours Produced


At Back to Ours we produce our own events and shows, but we also co-produce and host – every project needs its own bespoke approach, and we treat all artists and every idea as thoroughly individual. 

So – why do we produce work ourselves?

For us it comes as part of with working as closely with residents as we do, realising everyone’s ideas and make them. We have experienced producers within the team, and our style of producing goes hand in hand with how we like to engage audiences – we absolutely don’t see those as two separate things. We’re see projects right through from conception to delivery and beyond.

We also co-produce work – most recently, Davy and Kristin Mcguire’s Hologram Jukebox and The Herd’s The Last Dinosaur – which we love because it brings two areas of expertise together. Where we co-produce, we manage elements like audience engagement, design, marketing, event management and delivery where the artists make the actual content that you see. We’re always co-producing work because we work so closely with our Hub members, asking their thoughts on what they’ve seen, what they want to see, how work’s described and what the invite to see it is.

If you want to work with us – maybe we can we produce a project with or for you, or maybe you’ve got something fully-formed you think we’d be the perfect hosts for – hop over to our Work With Us page and let’s chat.