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Digital Projects

Secret Gig on your Sofa

Commissioned and co-produced by Back to Ours

Lockdowns might have been a spoke in the wheels, but we adapted our Secret Gig concept with 1000s of postcards hand-delivered across Hull neighbourhoods. Using 3D technology by Studio McGuire, these postcards with a twist popped a series of tiny performers up on your sofa arm, table top or carpet.

Recipients download the app, scan the postcard with their phone, and enjoy a lockdown treat from rapper Chiedu Oraka, poet Dean Wilson, Afro-Codhead-Skank band Bud Sugar and Elvis Tribute Artist Memphis Pete.

Want to experience a Secret Gig on your Sofa? Email [email protected] and we’ll send you a pack to play with.


Black Kings Upon Hull

Commissioned by Back to Ours

We worked with musician and content creator Bacary Mundoba and writer, rapper and spoken word artist Chiedu Oraka to explore the working class, Black, Yorkshire experience

Documentary series Black Kings Upon Hull takes an honest look at what it’s like growing up Mixed Race and Black on two different council estates in Hull, discussing music, education, football, and the role of the police.