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[02 Sep 2022]

Cheers for now, Edinburgh Fringe!

Earlier this month we whipped up to Edinburgh Fringe with some of our Hub members, and WHAT a weekend we had.

From bubbles to bees, Bowie to Bo-Peep, and daredevil circus to cracking singalong classics, we saw some amazing shows, and it was just incredible to be back in Edinburgh, soaking up the atmosphere, seeing artistic partners and friends, and never knowing who – and what! – we’d bump into.

Our Go Sees are all about seeing different art forms and discussing when and where they might work in neighbourhoods across the city, and our Hub members take the lead in those conversations as the experts who live and work in specific areas and know them best.

So what will you be seeing in Hull soon? We’re still having those conversations, but for now here’s what the Back to Ours team and some of our Hub members had to say about their 2022 experiences:


“I was looking forward to getting back to Edinburgh with Hub Members, seeing some great shows but also just spending quality time together with them and staff, it’s such a special place. I didn’t see a show that I didn’t enjoy this year – a few of my favourites were The Adventures of Bo Peep, Jody Kamali: Ironing Board Man, Collision, Tulu, Briefs and Bee Story, and of course, Diane Chorley Podcast.

We’re starting to talk to artists about coming to Hull, they might want to recover from Edinburgh first though!” – Lou, Back to Ours Artist Director


“Edinburgh was amazing and my favourite show this time must be the adventures of The Adventures of Bo Peep (children’s puppet show), which was so sweet.” – Michael, Hub Member


“This was my first time in Edinburgh and at the fringe and it did not disappoint. I didn’t want to leave! We saw some incredible shows over the weekend, but my personal favourite was Choir of Man. I had no idea what to expect but it exceeded all expectations, it was incredible, a show I would happily see again and again. The show made me cry at the end and the whole audience gave a standing ovation.

“A close second for me was The Adventures of Bo Peep. It was the perfect children’s show, wholesome and feel-good, and it would be incredible to bring to Hull and let our Back to Ours audiences experience it.

“I feel very lucky to have got to experience Fringe with our Hub members, some who’d never been before and those who’ve visited in the past. To see all their experiences and hear their thoughts was incredible and really cements why it’s so important to have the opportunity to go.”- Laura, Back to Ours Engagement Coordinator


“My favourite show from the whole experience had to be Briefs! Just WOW, I’d never seen anything like it. It was mainly drag queens and involved some incredible circus acts (and a bit of stripping!), it was like a whole new different world on a stage. The vocalist had such a powerful voice, the whole thing from start to finish was just mesmerising.

“Fringe on a whole was just awesome, I didn’t want to come home! I’m so grateful that I got the chance to experience such a wide variety of shows.” – Kirsti, Hub Member


“I was excited to go to Edinburgh Fringe for the first time as a professional, especially with someone as experienced as Louise.

Not having a background in theatre and live performance, I was worried I didn’t know what to look out for. I quickly realised after a few shows how much I’ve learned about theatre, circus and live theatre in my first year at Back to Ours.

“Particular favourite circus shows of mine were Cirque Alfonse’s farmyard-themed show Animal and the male hoola hooper in Splash Test Dummies who made puppets from his hoops.

“I fell in love with Diane Chorley and her podcast, and my husband was very jealous I got to see Basil Brush live in the fur!

“It was a wonderful experience getting to know the Fringe.” – Ellie, Back to Ours Project Manager


“The Back to Ours trip to Edinburgh was hectic, great fun and full of happy people enjoying the madness of the Fringe in the sunshine. From blowing bubbles big enough to enclose children to acrobats so daring they took our breath away, glam rock, opera, pub singers, dinosaurs and bees …we saw and loved it all, but our favourite show was Choir of Man because of the talented singers who managed to create a cosy atmosphere in a large, full theatre.

“They fully deserved the spontaneous standing ovation received from the entire audience and we could watch them again and again.” – Meg and Graham, Hub Members