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[01 Aug 2023]

Freedom Talks – Outdoors UK Funding Focus Workshop

We’re pleased to say our own Nesta Sheehan, Company Manager and Producer, will joining Outdoor Arts UK’s Funding Focus Workshop at Freedom Festival 2023.

Taking place on Sunday, 3 September, from 9:30 – 12:00 at Social on Humber Street, this free informal session is designed to be a friendly space to share your frustrations, explore ideas together and reignite your funding mojo…

We live and work in hugely challenging times – cash is tight everywhere you look and for those working in the arts, just seeking new funding can cause major panic or a minor brain freeze. And let’s not forget environmental issues, international conflicts and wonky global politics…

After breakfast and some short presentations for inspiration and example, we will gather in small groups to talk as broadly and creatively as possible, share our funding woes and, hopefully, start to find a way through the woods.

This free session is for artists, companies, arts organisations and festivals of any size or any experience; while we focus on outdoor arts, other local organisations are very welcome to join us.

OutdoorArtsUK is happy to return to Hull, where we have had a presence for several years, including our conference in the distant days before the City of Culture arrived… after the session, we will be able to visit Freedom Festival, which celebrates William Wilberforce’s contribution to freedom in society with a huge range of work from music to debate to traditional street theatre.

With contributions from Mikey Martins, Artistic Director & CEO of Freedom Festival, Nesta Sheehan, Producer at Back to Ours, Kath Wynne Hague, Head of Culture, Place and City Centre at Hull City Council and Angus MacKechnie, Director of OutdoorArtsUK.

Funding Focus is supported by Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy.

Register to be part of the session HERE