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[20 Aug 2023]

Lou’s on a podcast!

Our own “pint sized powerhouse” Louise, CEO and Artistic Director of Back to Ours is interviewed by David Watson for his podcast Before The Applause!

You can listen HERE or search for the podcast in your favourite podcast app.

More details on Lou’s episode….

Exploring Community Engagement & Arts from Education to UK City of Culture with Louise Yates

We’re thrilled to host the pint-sized powerhouse, Louise Yates, a luminary in the arts renowned for her pioneering approach to community engagement. Prepare to join us as we journey through her inspiring narrative, from the theatre-loving schoolgirl spurred on by a visionary drama teacher, to the artistic director and producer shaking up the arts scene. Louise’s vibrant stories of her work with Hull City Council and her instrumental role in Hull’s recognition as UK City of Culture 2017 promise to inspire.

Louise has a unique approach to arts programming that she generously details for listeners, placing the community in the driver’s seat and revealing how her methods break down barriers and foster long-lasting, impactful connections. Her insights into the exciting, grass-roots creative scene in Hull, as well as her reflections on her personal evolution from actor and musician to producer and director, add depth to her narrative. From Louise, we learn the power of adaptability, of taking a step back to listen and understand the real needs of the community, evolving into a more reflective practitioner.

Despite challenges and hurdles, Louise’s optimism for the future of the arts scene is infectious. She delves into her experiences, the struggles of bridging the gap between policymakers and the people, and why the arts should never be viewed as a low priority. Her passion for community engagement shines through as she shares her insights, leaving listeners with a sense of hope and inspiration. So, please pull up a chair and join us for this extraordinary conversation with Louise Yates, a true advocate for the arts, community, and the power of human connection.

Thank you David Watson for speaking with Lou!